Things are a bit different here at Broadview Academy. We still have students register for classes, yes. They also get transcripts with typical classes (Geometry, Chemistry, English, etc.) and grades (A, B+, etc.) when you graduate. However, what's in the middle is very different.

Courses, much like other schools, have content. However, here are Broadview, the content, skills, or tasks for courses are divided into competencies. Competencies then allow for an amazingly flexible program and thus individual student growth. Students may use a variety of methods* to achieve competencies; work may be done in or out of school. When students complete their work, they have an artifact -- tangible evidence to document learning. This is what documents each experience into academic language.

At Broadview Academy our students can receive recognition for the highest levels of achievement. The type and quality of the experience is determined by each individual student. It's up to you. The more you put in, the more you get out of it.

* Methods: Projects, computer-based learning, videos, field trips, readings, workshops, classes, independent study, etc.






Basic Knowledge

Shows the student has demonstrated at least 80% mastery over the required objective(s) of the competency


Working Knowledge

Shows the student has applied a significant* portion of the competency knowledge or has demonstrated a developed understanding of the area



Shows the student has demonstrated a high level of understanding and/or application of the competency, and/or is sought as an instructor for others

Types of Competencies



One that has a pre-defined level of achievement


One that is defined by the beginning achievement and growth is documented


Several competencies are in sequence and are developed in a specific order

Knowledge Oriented

Declarative knowledge

Skill Oriented

Procedural knowledge

Attitude Oriented

Attitude, value, or habits

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